Fashion Photo Shoot [back]

Oil on Panel  |  10" x 10"  |  2010

The two subjects are depicted as silhouettes against a white background. The fan and the umbrella are included as abstract elements like details that the mind would insert into an imagined narrative to fit its perception of what it should be. The fan is light and ghost-like with its physical appearance mimicking the wind it is creating. The umbrella looms like a spider's web and suggests a connection to the photographer and his intent.

The relationship between the photographer and the model was inspired by the Parisian ballerinas depicted by Degas, many of whom were mistresses of the upper-class patrons of the ballet. Having a season ticket afforded the men an all-access pass to the dressing rooms and after-parties (wives not invited). The men were looked upon by the dancers as a step toward social advancement. In Degas' paintings of ballerinas, these men take on a spider-like impression as they are waiting in the wings in dark formal dress. In a similar manner, the photographer and model are engaged in a mutually beneficial enterprise. Through his lens, we are the social elite and she is our glamorous mistress.