Toll Booth [back]

Oil on Panel | 6" x 6" | 2010

A fleeting moment between a man and woman at a toll booth. Their hands and only a sliver of their faces are left highlighted with the man behind a veil of semi-opaque glass and the woman hovering in front of the blackness of her car interior. Their relationship is uncertain and even though their hands lock like puzzle pieces, it is clear by the relation of their faces that they are not connecting.

The toll booths are blocks of tight compacted space, illustrating how we can be with others yet isolated and anonymous. The perspective is intentionally jumbled, a clear example being the car facing one direction while the steering wheel is facing another; yet the car remains intact and functional; further underscoring the fragmentation of space. The negative space of the colorless car seat is another figure; a ghost-like figure beneath her in which she is grounded; her spirit.

Inspired by "Portrait of a Man and Woman at a Casement," circa 1440, by Fra Filippo Lippi.