When It Rains, Get Wet [back]

Oil on Canvas | 24" x 24" | 2009

In We Are Men the main elements are flat and on their own plane, giving the appearance that they could be moved around like paper dolls. The man has a masculine stance but also has slumped shoulders which could be interpreted as either sad and weak, or strong and tough depending on which attitude the viewer focuses on. This is a common thread with other characters in this show as well. Because of this interactive nature, their secret life is actually your secret life. When It Rains, Get Wet is similar in that the man could be interpreted as being a guardian or a thug.

The storminess is part of my own secret life and relates to the hurt and anger I felt after Hurricane Katrina when I felt strong as well as weak and sad at the same time.

The use of canvas in this show was to make use of a vehicle that was in contrast to the panel paintings. Where the pristine panel paintings draw the viewer into the minute detail, the canvas pieces ask to be seen at a greater distance. The canvas pieces are modeled but not layered. They are rough and gritty and less formal while the panel paintings are very layered, having a foundation of a completed grayscale oil painting.