Wish You Were Here [back]

Oil on Panel | 20" x 24" | 2010

The title is from the old postcard cliché and is used here to call attention to the lack of presence in much of modern communication. The trite Twitter-like message emanating from the woman is written with medieval lettering as if written in the Middle Ages by monks who devoted much of their lives painstakingly writing in the book of hours (a manuscript book of psalms, prayers, hymns, and other religious readings).

The annunciation at the top (based on the Annunciation by Simone Martini, 1317-47) is another form of communication where a message is delivered and is ironically perched above the words, "walk of shame."

The church-like birdhouse is a spiritual center which now sits empty as if it is a mirage of a place we used to live.