Elizabeth Fox: Stamina in the Dream House


By Ashley Shelton 

December 22, 2011

Stamina in the Dream House: Paintings by Elizabeth Fox

Martine Chaisson Gallery, New Orleans


Intenions of a Shadow

The Power To Stand

Painter Elizabeth Fox draws inspiration from her past in corporate America. A former New Orleans native, she captures the edginess and contemporary style of a new America in her non- literal paintings of beautiful beings in somewhat mundane everyday situations. Most of her paintings showcase the dominance of males, and the objectification of females in the corporate work world. A modern Picasso in her own right, Elizabeth has a flare for capturing pop culture at its best. In her current display, “Stamina in the Dream House”, at the Martine Chaisson Gallery, the paintings and sculptures our modern society is put on display in a playful way, but there also lies an air of warning. A warning of what we as a society have become and where we are headed. “Stamina in the Dream House” is a must see. Get there before January 28th!


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