By D. Eric Bookhardt

December 21, 2004

Glamazon: Paintings by Elizabeth Fox

Barrister's Gallery, New Orleans


Obama Painting

Glamazon Hits The Runway

Narratives of another, if related, sort appear in Elizabeth Fox's paintings of elongated, tapered ladies encountering intrigues of the real and virtual variety. Like stylized Barbies come to life in familiar places, as well as on the frontiers of space, they are girlie girls dealing with the stresses that attend trips to the beauty parlor, disco parties on flying saucers, or even visits to the bakery, as we see in Trouble at Gambinos, where an unwelcome encounter with a certain male can lead to sweaty palpitations in the parking lot. Fox has a knack for capturing the surfaces of pop culture, here at home as well as in the far reaches of the cosmos.


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