Contemporary Americana


By Dan Allison

February 2009

What Was, Isn't: Paintings by Elizabeth Fox


Obama Painting

From There to Here, Portrait of
our President with Irises

Three artists, Elizabeth Fox, Michael Pajon, and Damara Kaminecki, converge this month from Chicago and New Orleans to give us their take on American myth, symbol, and perception, at the Houston Heights Nau-haus this month, with an opening reception for the artists Saturday, March 7, from 6 to 9 PM.


In her first Houston exhibition "What Was, Isn't," New Orleans' based artist Elizabeth Fox delivers a pictorial expose about men, women, race, and the cultural metamorphosis of mores past and present. Fox deals with social equality of the sexes in a candy-colored palette and a pulp-fiction sensibility. In other works, she proffers an almost folk art approach with an authentic earthy pallet recalling historical roots while working out racial issues of the day. It seems appropriate that a New Orleans-based artist steeped in the culture of the proverbial Deep South like Fox, would be painting femme fatales ladling up a gumbo of soul food for thought at this juncture in America's social-political history. Pictured are leggy dames in stilettos that might break the bonds of objectification just long enough to become world leaders, and a black man wearing a well tailored suit, rendered on colloquial burlap, edified in the present time as President of our nation.


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