Born in Orlando, Florida in 1969, I attended the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida and have shown my work in New Orleans for 20 years. After Katrina I moved to New England, where I now live. I've had 6 solo exhibitions with galleries in New Orleans and Houston plus various group shows in New York, NY, New Orleans, Miami, Washington, D.C., Columbia, MO, and the Netherlands.

Artist Statement

My paintings are deceptively simple, using a fresh color palette and hyper-defined subject matter to draw you in, there's also a sense of isolation with ample negative space and rhythmic placement of objects and figures.

Tensions are introduced to question sexual, gender, and age relation. These questions are left unanswered as to who or what is the dominant power. This is to show pivotal moments with humor and all of our human strengths and vulnerabilities.


I work in a traditional process of applying thin layers of oil paint, gradually building the painting up and allowing for drying time between each coat. I paint on a very smooth panel and first use a black and white layer as an undercoating. This black and white under-painting is as detailed as the finished painting. Color layers are then added on top of the black and white.

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